FaceTime (naked).

So I’m sitting at my computer spending time on Facebook and such, and I hear an electronic device ‘ringing’.  It wasn’t my cell phone, so I figured my wife changed her ringtone and it was hers.  She had just stepped out of the shower as the ringing was occurring, and heard it to.  After quickly discovering it was neither of our phones, the only logical conclusion was this:

The IPad was ringing.

My wife had just purchased her brand new Ipad a week ago or so, and usually just puts it to sleep; she doesn’t turn the power all the way off.  Apple devices are like this (there is no off switch on any of their products.  Go ahead and look.  You wont find one).

Naturally I said, “someone is FaceTiming you.”  So my wife goes into the bedroom, turns on the light, pics up the ringing Ipad with an incoming Facetime call on it.  And slides the slider over to Answer.  Standing there in the bedroom.  STARK F*!@ING NAKED.

“Honey, you’re naked!” I shout in horror as she tosses the Ipad unto the bed like a hot potato and I dive for the light switch in a desperate effort to protect whoever was on the other end of the camera.

The room dark, my wife on the floor beside the bed (naked), the Ipad on the bed face up, and me standing there in absolute bewildered horror as I slowly creep up to the thing as if it were some Ouijai board that moved on it’s own, we hear:

“Hello?  Hello?  Melissa…are you there?  You like really dark.  HELLO……”

Turns out, it was Melissa’s sister placing her very first FaceTime call; and Melissa answering her very first one.

“Uh…..Laura, can you um….   Melissa answered the fucking thing naked.  She’s hiding beside the bed and the lights are off.  Can we call you back?”

Technology is awesome.

For those of you who don’t know what FaceTime is, follow this link.


Time for some Geek lovin’

I updated the Geeks page, and if you haven’t visited yet, the Morons page.  I decided to make a new post so those subscribed (thank you!) would get a notice about the changes.  More to come soon, including content for you lurkers!


Out with the old…..

Twelve years worth of office decor on the way out

So here it is, my very first blog post.  I am starting a new career in a new industry with a familiar face – my dad.  I’ve spent the last 12 years working for a first class organization and have grown tremendously during this time both personally and professionally.  I’ve learned a lot, and will learn even more in the coming months ahead.

I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons.  Coworkers past and present have stated they enjoy my writings and witty sense of humor, and I enjoy writing – so VOILA!  Here’s a blog.  I’m entering into a new chapter of my life that is both exciting and terrifying, and figured what better way to share my experiences past and present than to write about it, here, in my own setting.

Take a look at the About Me  page and About Reboot and Try Again to get started.